Piano B
2 luglio, 2021
Piazza Risorgimento
Tieni chi ami vicino a te, digli quanto bisogno hai di loro, amali e trattali bene, trova il tempo per dirgli “mi dispiace”, “perdonami”, “per favore”, “grazie” e tutte le parole d’amore che conosci.
I feel very blessed to be in a position of trust, where people feel comfortable sharing such stories with me.
Guido Taroni
How did that journey influence your practice as a photographer?

A: I learned how to be an observer. I wanted to fit in instead of coming as I was, even being outgoing in some cultures could be seen as disrespectful. So I learned to observe first and then act. Observation has been a part of me since I can remember. It was like a survival mode. I guess this is the reason I chose the path I'm on and why I take a bit longer to make decisions and create.

Choosing to study sociology makes so much sense after I think about my life, and photography to me is observation. I learned by observing and I create so that people take some time to pay attention to what is outside and inside. There is so much to learn when we just stand still and absorb whatever is happening around us and inside of us. It is about taking a break, breathing, and listening.
Special Guest del concerto